Teacher Spotlight: Lucy McCarthy

She’s back. After a long spiritual sojourn to India our Lucy returns to the little ship ready to bless us with her beautiful, dynamic, flowing classes. She’s going to be resuming her Thursday morning double (7.15am and 9.30am), and taking the Monday triple: pregnancy, level one, and dynamic.

How long have you been practicing?

11 years now. 

What compelled you to start teaching yoga?

My own passion for the practice led me to train- more to deepen my own practice than with a specific plan to teach initially. However, once I started my training I fell in love with teaching.  I love sharing the deep wisdom of this practice with others and seeing the transformation and changes that occur in my students. 

Describe your classes in three words.

Mindful, uplifting, heartfelt. 

Which pose do you find most challenging?

Triangmukhapaschimottanasana (hard for me to spell as well as do!)

What inspires you as a teacher?

Seeing my students evolve and change. When their practice on the mat starts to impact and create positive changes in their life off the mat. My own practice and self study. My teachers. Nature. My relationships. Life. Everything! 

What’s your favorite pose at the moment?

Camel. Just love the feeling of freedom it elicits in me.