Teacher Spotlight: Adam Hocke

He is the sultan of sequencing! The prince of precision! He is our Adam Hocke, YOTL stalwart and all-round yoga legend. As well as teaching at 9.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays, he plays a key role in the studio’s teacher training and immersions, and he hosts his almost monthly super-popular BE HERE NOW afternoon retreats. Which are FAB. Book on the next one here.

How long have you been practicing?

I've been practicing since I was 18 years old. Yoga has been with me through good times like getting married and through bad times like the grief of losing my father in a traumatic accident. Yoga is my steadfast companion.

What compelled you to start teaching yoga?

I reached a point where I couldn't stop talking about how yoga made me feel and how I wanted everyone to experience this. Then I realised I knew very little about why. So I trained up and started teaching.

Describe your classes in three words?

Breathe. Sweat. Rest.

Which pose do you find most challenging?

Although for me it is the most rewarding, I always forget how much I need a long savasana. Giving the time to something so simple is much harder for me than doing a bunch of active work.  

What inspires you as a teacher?

Commitment. The student that shows up even when it's hard, the student that tries even when the pose gets the best of them, the student that laughs at her self and carries on - that student inspires my devotion and my own commitment to teaching. 

What’s your favorite pose at the moment?

These days I'm practicing legs-up-the-wall (viparita karani) nearly every night.  No matter what has happened through the day or how I feel, it brings the day to a calm resolution.

Teacher Spotlight: Ann Pidcock

From Feb 4th, Ann Pidcock will be bringing her dancer's poise and elegance to Saturday nights with her new 6-7.15pm class. Expect a sculpted, soothing flow followed by the deep release of yoga nidra.  Here, she gives us, a feel for her practice. 

How long have you been practicing?

I discovered yoga as a dancer - around thirteen Years ago. I've been teaching for nearly ten.

What compelled you to start teaching yoga?

I originally trained to teach because I loved practicing and found it complemented my work as a dancer. I wasn't sure if I would like teaching necessarily but I was instantly hooked by the incredible experience of sharing something that I was so passionate about, seeing the impact you can have on people's daily lives and the feeling of contribution to a community.

Describe your classes in three words?

Fluid, Heartfelt and Creative

Which pose do you find most challenging?

Sukhasana - a simple cross legged seat. Sitting still for long amounts of time is hard work! It makes sense that the physical practice was designed to prepare the body for meditation.

What inspires you as a teacher?

Anything that helps bring yoga into our everyday- as a tool that can help us to live a full life. Brilliant teachers who do this so well are Judith Hanson Lasater and Erinn Lewis. Also music and dance to inspire creative sequencing.

What’s your favorite pose at the moment?

Hmmm… I think it would have to be some kind of supine twist. What lovelier feeling than giving the spine a rinse out and some attention. I think I'll go and do that right now.

Student of the Month: Anita Rice

OK. So it’s been a little more than a month…. But we’re going to up the ante. We promise. And I tell you what. We’re rebooting in style. Our first Student of the Month for 2017 is the lovely Anita Rice who has only gone and opened her own hair salon, just off Brick Lane. And it looks LUSH. As well as short back & sides and nice little trims, they do something called Flamboyage, which sounds like a 1980s pudding but is actually a low maintenance colour technique that combines ombre and balayage. No, we don’t know those are either, but don’t they sound amazing?! The salon exclusively uses products from the unique Italian haircare company Davines, who take great care with their zero footprint, recyclable ethos. 

And best of all? They’re offering Yottlers a stonking 25% discount on any service upon your first visit. Just quote YOTL on the door.

Ralph and Rice

12 Cheshire Street, London, E2 6EH 


0207 729 8558

The Quarterly: A winter warmer

The Quarterly: A Winter Warmer January 13th

In this, the second of our quarterly celebrations of the seasons, we’ll be honouring winter, the time of hunkering down and building up, hibernating and rebuilding. As ever, the evening will open with an extended yoga practice led by Naomi Annand, the director of Yoga on the Lane. Focusing on releasing tension from the festivities and creating space to uplift and nourish, this flowing practive will focus on energizing and awakening. After the flow Naomi will guide a meditation focusing on restoration, regrouping, and setting intentions to help you create the best possible version of yourself for the new year. This will be followed by a feast from local legend Ania Weksler from the fabulous Fingers Crossed café, Dalston. Tickets include the yoga workshop, meditation and a delicious seasonal feast and drinks. Just bring yourself and a yoga mat!

Here's a taste of the feast: Healthy hearty bone broth, Vegan vegetable stew, gluten free quinoa, chia and almond bread. Buckwheat, groat, chia and almond bread spiced with cinnamon and all spice. Raw vegan matcha green tea slice, Raw vegan rhubarb and lemon cheesecake. Beverages will be alcohol free kombucha cocktails. 

Student of the Month: Max Leonard

At Yoga on the Lane we’ve long known that it's the students that make a studio, give it its buzz, its sense of community. And we’ve also long known that at YOTL we have the sharpest, keenest, smartest set of students that have ever stepped on to a mat, and to celebrate them we’re launching our new online feature: Student of the Month, a place to share the stories of the wonderful people that give the studio its unique atmosphere.  

We start with adventure/cycling superstar writer Max Leonard. Lovely Max has been coming to the studio for three years and when he’s not off cycling through Alpine passes, he tries to come two-three times a week. His last book Lanterne Rouge: the Last Man in the Tour de France explored the joys of bringing up the rear in the world’s most famous race. This summer he published Bunker Research

In southern France, high above the villas and the pleasure palacesof the Côte d’Azur, there is the Alpine Extension of the Maginot Line. This little-known system of fortifications was built before the Second World War, and was meant to protect France from Mussolini. But nobody has successfully invaded over the Alps since Hannibal and his elephants, and things didn’t quite turn out as the French expected...

Now, the bunkers are marooned, forlorn and crumbling, in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of France. They are disappearing into the landscapes they once commanded, sitting in both harmony and discord with the mountains around them. They are a testamentto the ingenuity, engineering and resolve of men who then lived below ground among the high peaks, waiting for an onslaught that never came.

Recorded in stunning pictures and prose, Bunker Research isfor adventurers, architects, historians, mountain lovers and urban explorers. Join the authors on a disquieting journey up peaks, along ridges and down valleys, on their search for the hidden history of modernism in the mountains.



Unlimited Yoga

Like a rocket, a turbo-charged super-rocket, Yoga on the Lane bursts into the 21st Century with our all new, all-singing, all-dancing online booking system. Today we launch with Mindbody Online, a system that allows you to pre-book our classes up to a week before the class. To begin with we’re going to allow ten places for each class to be booked ahead of schedule and hold back a further nine for those students that prefer to drop in. Those of you that have unused classes on your ten-class cards will have them integrated into the new system so you’ll be able to book through the app (which we recommend you download onto your phone) or through our website. With this new system comes the most exciting of all our new innovations: unlimited yoga. For just £105 a month you can come to a class every single day. See you on the mat!