We host a range of courses to suit every need.

To book a place on any of our courses please email us on yogaonthelane@gmail.com

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Six-Week Beginners Course

 with Rosie Gold and Amanda Butterworth. 

New to yoga or looking to feel more confident with your practice? Then you need Rosie Gold and Amanda Butterworth’s beginners course. It’s for anyone who can’t touch their toes, anyone scared of yoga, anyone who eats too much, drinks too much and pretends they run more than they do. Over six gentle hour-long sessions they build you a basic yoga practice at a comfortable, approachable pace. Introducing a new aspect of yoga each week they will demystify a practice which can be opaque and intimidating to the uninitiated, providing you with an understanding of the fundamental poses, breathing techniques and ways to relax your mind and body. The course will give you the confidence to join in any Level One or Dynamic class.

When: 1.30pm-2.30pm every Saturday May 5th-June 9th

Cost: £70 or £50 if booked with the Beginners Workshop


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Creativity, Confidence and Compassion - a 20hr Immersion for Teachers

 with Naomi Annand and Adam Hocke. 

We are not just teaching postures. As yoga teachers, we have the opportunity to deepen our student's experience of living and, along the way, learn a great deal about ourselves. Let's deepen our learning and support each other on these journeys. Join a community of teachers to refine your practical skills and renew your passion for yoga. 

Learn how to:

•    Bring creativity and focus to your sequences 

•    Clarify and strengthen your verbal cues

•    Offer supportive and safe manual adjustments

•    Manage mixed-levels 

Incorporate breathing, meditation, and restorative yoga

When: 2-6pm Friday 11 May, 9-6pm Saturday 12 May and 9-6pm Sunday 13 May

Cost: £220. Email to book. 

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Ayurvedic Yoga - a 20hr Immersion for Teachers

 with Sarra Kaufman

Yoga teaches us the methods for perception and growth while Ayurveda teaches us how to perceive and then apply these techniques for growth. In this comprehensive 20hr course, we will explore how Yoga and Ayurveda work synergistically together. By the end of the program you will feel literate in body and mind movement both in yourself and those around you. You will understand what Dosha is and how to manage it as it fluctuates with life. You will become more fluent in Prana and see and feel tangibly how it manifests - supports and inhibits. Every day will be a combination of experiential practice of the topics as well as lecture and discussion. This course is open to all. 

My hope for those involved is that after this course, the Yoga will have a deeper sense of “settling” inside of each student so that it begins to express as an emanation from within, like a soft, but strong wind. It might present in the form of teaching yoga, or personal practice, or just as a means of walking through the world. I always feel that deeper understanding makes the ground both feel firmer and more fecund.

When: 2-6pm 14-18th August

Cost: £330. Email to book.