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Graceful Transitions Course

 with Bridget Luff

This spring celebrate the rhythms of change in your practice. Join Bridget for a three week course to deepen your yoga, where we explore how to become ever more present and graceful in transitions, those ‘in-between moments’, and discover a deep silence that dwells within constant motion.
Through Graceful Transitions we will hone the quality of our movement and attention in our practice, look at creative and traditional forms of a vinyasa, learn how to intelligently and intuitively modify and curate yoga sequences, and ultimately explore how to let go of unnecessary tension in the body and mind to drop into a state of flow. As we refine our awareness and articulation as we shift between shapes, we will open up to bigger questions about how to adapt to changes in our lives, maintaining integrity when moving into new and unknown experiences. The sessions will include a theme, intention setting, dynamic practice, breath-work, meditation and journaling inquiry (please bring a pen and notebook). There will be some optional homework and additional support offered between sessions. Graceful Transitions is aimed at people of various ages and agilities, no matter if you be a seasoned practitioner or are fairly new to yoga you will be able to adapt the practices to meet your body’s needs, whatever they may be.

When: Sundays: 10th, 17th and 24th 2.30-4pm.

Cost: £45

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Return to the Heart

 with Tracey Ellis

“Every morning I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savour it.”

This one precious life. As beautiful as it is, each day we are being asked to live with increasing uncertainty; our beloved planet is struggling to cope with the effects of consumerism, political systems are in total disarray, demands on us are high. These times ask for a deeper truth and a trust that something far greater, does in fact, have our backs.

The key to living during challenging times is to meet ourselves where we are, in the home of our bodies. In these three sessions, with the practices of restorative yoga, meditation and shamanism, we will return our being to a state of stillness and call forth our hearts inner wisdom to reveal our deeper truth. In this healing state, we invite all that is to arise and be held with love and compassion to be transformed for our good and the good of all.

Our last session will be a celebration of all that is. We’ll create a White Despacho, a beautiful Shamanic ritual for manifestation and offerings for the Earth, sending our collective intentions for ourselves, each other and our beloved planet out into the world.

When: Thursdays 7.45-9pm: Mar 21 | Mar 28 | Apr 4

Cost: £35


Self Compassion Immersion

 with Naomi Annand and Adam Hocke

A Twenty-hour intensive, May 17th-19th

Do you have the tools and skills to deliver the classes you want to teach?

This immersion will help you develop teaching practices that align you with your passion and connect you more deeply to your students' diverse needs whilst navigating the practical demands of a competitive market. This will include beyond the basic structures for creative sequencing for mixed levels and verbal cueing to decrease your stress and increase the effectiveness of your teaching. Additionally, you will expand your tool-kit by learning how to incorporate body-based mindfulness practices, restorative yoga, and self-massage into your classes.

Who is it for: New to new-ish teachers, advanced students

When: Friday: 2-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-5pm.

Cost: £250 (early bird £220 before April 1st)  Email for booking