Naomi Reynolds

Naomi draws on her experience to teach light, uplifting classes that reflect the challenge of big city life without losing sight of yoga’s ancient roots. Working within the Krishnamacharya lineage she teaches dynamic Vinyasa using an ever-changing sequence of Asana (aligning breath and movement), which allows her to respond to the energy in the room. She has trained with many of the world’s best teachers, each of whom has contributed to her unique teaching style. After working with injuries and illness she has developed a practice that emphasises the therapeutic benefits of yoga and her classes are designed for all levels. Her love of yoga is evident in her teaching style and her classes will leave you feeling inspired and open to possibility. Opening Yoga on the Lane is the best thing she has ever done.


Elisa de Grey

Encouraged by my mother who thought I needed to learn to relax, I first dipped into yoga over 10 years ago. For 6 years I worked intensively with Marisol Kucharek, and it is thanks to her that I felt inspired to teach. My dynamic Vinyasa classes are designed to stimulate self-inquiry and to challenge students’ perceptions of their capabilities.  They are conducted in a playful atmosphere, where questioning is encouraged and very much part of my teaching style. The classes are flowing, with an emphasis on technical precision and asana analysis. I believe that, with so many choices of yoga available, the greatest gift I can give my students is the desire to deepen and further their practice, whilst empowering them to be their own best teacher.



n567185670_1516223_6623Anna Taylor

My own yoga journey began 14 years ago and from my first class I was struck by the beautiful, transformative power of this practice to bring a joyful sense of balance to mind, body and spirit, in the midst of busy London life. Since then I have explored and studied under a variety of yoga traditions including Iyengar, Hatha, Sivananda and Vinyasa Flow. My own teaching style of flowing, mindful hatha yoga draws on elements of all of these teachings. I design flowing sequences which enable students to reconnect to their bodies, their breath, their strength and vitality in a compassionate and mindful way.




Adamheadshot2Adam Hocke

Adam has been practicing vinyasa flow yoga since 1999 and has trained extensively with Jason Crandell. He offers precise, strong, and accessible classes to physically awaken the body and develop mindfulness both on and off the mat. His teaching is down-to-earth and direct, exploring traditional practices from a modern perspective. A native of South Florida, Adam spent ten years in New York City before becoming a Londoner. He teaches studio classes, workshops and courses throughout London, and retreats across the globe. As a writer, Adam contributes regularly to magazines and web publications on yoga and blogs and podcasts at



20131017_142107_1Eleah Waters

Eleah Waters has been practising pilates in a variety of ways for over nine years. Her practice started out as a rehabilitation method for an injury whilst completing a BA in dance, from there pilates became an invaluable tool helping to create balance, posture, efficient bio-mechanics, and strength in the whole body. As a certified STOTT pilates teacher Eleah’s classes reflect a fluid and dynamic practice concentrating on alignment and stabilisation with a more contemporary approach to the exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Eleah always thinks on her feet and manipulates exercises to be specific to the posture and/or injuries of her clients. Clients say they feel strong from top to toe, more aware of their physicality and super relaxed after her class. Eleah has been living, working and dancing in London for the last five years.

imageLucy McCarthy (Bruegger)

Lucy’s Yoga journey began many years ago on a rooftop in India and she has never looked back. After studying in India, she trained with Max Strom in America, whom she now assists on his international workshops in London. Lucy teaches mindful breath and alignment based Vinyasa Flow, restorative and pregnancy yoga. Passionate about the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits of yoga, Lucy’s classes encourage an open, content heart and a quiet, calm mind.





IMG_5732Madelaine Hart

Growing up in Australia, Madelaine trained as a classical dancer. After moving to the UK she wrote music and toured as a singer and musician. She first came to yoga during pregnancy and after having her first baby wanted to find that mind body connection again so went on to study and complete her Vinyasa flow training. Madelaine’s classes are rich with creative flowing sequences, precise alignment and her passion is helping people to understand their physical body better.





GemmaYogaGemma Soul

Gemma Soul is from the UK, a keen musician and a professional actor as well as a creative and compassionate yoga teacher. Whilst living in Sydney Gemma found Sukha Mukha Yoga – and her wonderful teacher Idit Hefer Tamir – where she realized her dream of becoming a yoga teacher.  Gemma has studied with many other great Teachers, recently completing her advanced Yoga training with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Emily Stone from The Laughing Lotus in the US.  She has also worked intensely with Sindar Kaur, Patty Kikos, Bo Forbes and Jivamukti teachers Katie Manitsas & Doug Whittiker. Gemma incorporates all her skills in her teaching, allowing for great creativity and inspiration in her classes.  She teaches a range of alignment based Hatha Vinyasa. Her classes offer a safe space for release and transformation.

SophiaPymSophia Pym

I have always had to move my body to feel alive. I found space and calmness in Pilates first, training with Body Control Pilates and then turned to yoga. My classes are straightforward, dynamic, fun and I believe in safe alignment and feeling good. I cemented my foundational yoga training with my teacher Jason Crandell and progressed my Pilates training in pre and post natal and in advanced matwork. The combination of years of ballet and long distance running mean my classes are physically challenging and fun with an emphasis on flowing and sequencing. I am always a student and always learning. With thanks to the many teachers that have lead me to this point.



Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 18.33.04Clare Dobson

Clare has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is a BWY and YA accredited teacher primarily teaching vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga. Inspired by a love of possibility, growth and alignment, her classes are laced with intelligent sequencing and mindful movement, always delivered in a way that is clear, fun and inclusive. Also a qualified and active Sports and Massage Therapist, she has a strong interest in anatomy and the individualism of bodies and is grateful to be able to share this knowledge and passion with her students. She has studied with many renowned teachers, counting two of her biggest influences as Richard Freeman and Tiffany Cruikshank, both of whom she continues to study with. She is passionate about the many benefits of yoga and encourages students to take their practice far beyond the mat.


maren weegeMaren Weege

With an inquiring open mind and mindful touch, Maren is passionate about being a teacher who holds space in order for students to find their inner teacher. She believes in working with the basics and adding some challenge on but you probably won’t find yourself dripping in sweat in her classes. Rather, she combines movement, yoga poses, deep and conscious breathing, kriyas, mudras,, meditation and deep relaxation in a way that creates space for each individual’s self-healing capacities to switch on. Her asana classes are multi-level classes offering options to choose from based on the needs of the individual student balancing challenge and compassion. She specialises in Mindful Hatha Flow Yoga, Yoga for Pregnancy, Restorative Yoga and Yoga with FeetUp. Her educational journey is continuous and her gratitude goes especially to her long-term teachers Max Strom, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Krishnatakis.

webshotClive Fogelman

Clive has a creative and open-minded approach to yoga and meditation, influenced by his therapeutic work and sporting background. He is passionate about helping people to cultivate intuition within their bodies, mindful that all individuals are different and continually evolving. Classes emphasise linking breath and movement to direct attention inward and become more aware of each moment. Drawing on the parallels between yoga and life, the mat becomes a playground for exploration and transformation while providing a space to ground and release tension. Clive teaches flow, restorative and yin yoga offering variations for all levels.

GetInlineEryck Brahmania

Eryck’s years as a professional dancer with some of the UK’s top companies, has given him a deep understanding of the body, flow, movement as a meditation and anatomical understanding. Trained as a yoga teacher under Claire Missingham’s watchful eye and achieving an Outstanding grade upon graduation Eryck continues to study with Claire as well as assist her regularly at Triyoga and various workshops. Students can expect deep yoga assists, wonderful sequencing and traditional roots of yoga using Sanskrit, krama vinyasa, use of precise and detailed anatomical alignment.


Nikita Akilapa

Nikita has been practising yoga since 2001, when she fell in love with the sense of lightness and calm it brings. Following trainings with Yoga Vidya Gurukul, David Swenson and Meghan Currie, Nikita went on to teach a strong hatha flow, with a focus on intelligent alignment, breath-work and mindful body awareness. Nikita challenges and motivates her students, encouraging each individual practitioner to explore their own potential and strengthen the mind – body connection. During her first pregnancy, Nikita found that her personal yoga practice allowed her to experience a deep connection with her baby, an enjoyable pregnancy, and an empowered birth. Inspired to share the benefits of yoga during this special life stage, Nikita trained in prenatal and post natal yoga with Nadia Narain. Her maternity classes focus on helping pregnant and new mothers to find the right balance between strength and softness, while trusting their own primal instincts and tapping into their innate female wisdom.


Katrina Kurdy

Katrina has been teaching since 2011 and recently completed an advanced training with Jason Crandell. Drawing from her background in human biology and my love of physiology, philosophy and all things wellness-related she likes to create challenging yet mindful flows to help her students safely push past their perceived limitations (both physically and mentally).  A personal witness to the amazing changes yoga can bring to one’s life, she finds great reward in sharing it with others.