At Yoga on the Lane we teach Vinyasa yoga. Sometimes called Dynamic Hatha or Flow, Vinyasa focuses on graceful, harmonised, often dynamic sequences that look to synchronise mind and body by aligning breath and movement. Our studio isn’t hot like Bikram but our special floor-warming system means that even those winter morning savasanas will be nice and snug.

Morning Classes

Combining flowing yoga with Pranayama (breath work) and meditation, our morning classes are designed for that moment before your mind is cluttered with the day. Perfect for students of all levels.

Dynamic Yoga at Lunchtime

A flowing hour-long session of  yoga that will leave you feeling connected to your body and energised for the afternoon ahead. Perfect for students of all levels. Optional add on: a discount lunch from Mouse & de Lotz.

Community Class

Our community class is a great open-access class for the whole community: established students and total beginners, young and old, supple and not so supple. Suggested donation: £5

Level One

These hour-long classes are designed for everyone from absolute beginners to teachers. They start with a gentle series of sequences before moving on to restful and restorative yoga, designed to soothe the nervous system and quiet the mind.

Dynamic Yoga

Using ever-changing sequences of Asanas, our dynamic classes are the perfect way to extend and deepen your yoga practice. An open class with all levels welcome.

Level Two/Three

Ideal sessions for those keen to take their yoga practice to the next level. These dynamic, flowing sessions will incorporate complex asanas and in-depth pranayama and best for people with six months yoga experience.

Flow and Restore

This class is a blend of dynamic and restorative postures to nourish you. Starting with active flow to heat and move your body then winding down to stillness and relaxation. The flow can be strong or gentle with options for all levels of practitioners, even those working with injury or illness. Those wanting to stay in a restorative posture for the duration are also welcome.


Pilates is a holistic movement system designed to support and strengthen the body. It aims to help promote awareness of breathing through fluid coordination of the whole body and precise and detailed alignment. Suitable for all regardless of experience in yoga or Pilates. For just £80 you can buy our ten-class Pilates Pass which you can redeem against any Pilates class. The pass lasts is valid for six months and cannot be used for yoga classes.