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Womb Connection: a Women's Workshop with Maren Weege

Coming together as women is being given high value in most traditional societies but has been lost to a great extend in the Western world. This value comes from the energy of being around and with each other in our innate feminine energy – without many words, in a space of trust and intuition. For most of us as we enter a feminine space, it feels like coming home – to ourselves and to our sisterhood. The intention for this workshop is to create the space for this to happen with womb-heart centric practices of yoga nidra, intuitive yogini movement, breathing and guided meditation. Once arrived with ourselves, partner and group yoga and a guided massage sequence lead us to connect with each other. The invitation is to surrender to our femininity, our courageous vulnerability and our beauty in the spirit of sisterhood: not needing to judge or advise each other, offer opinions, compare or compete. Welcome are women of all ages, including pregnant, postnatal, menstruating, pre-/post- and menopausal women. No yoga experience required. Bring your sister(s), mother and grandmother(s).Please wear comfortable clothing and bring extra layers to stay warm during rest and massage. 

Cost: £30.00