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Restorative Yoga & Sound Harmonisation with Clive Fogelman

Clive and Tracie invite you to work with these two complimentary modalities by incorporating sound harmonisation techniques alongside the beneficial and restorative effects of yoga. These two modalities, in combination, allow us to really embody sound and movement to create a true harmonising of the body & mind. Yoga Teacher Clive Fogelman and Tama Do Vibrational Sound Teacher Tracie Storey have harmonised their techniques to offer you this unique class. Restorative yoga cultivates the practise of acceptance and letting go. It is an effortless and gentle practise harnessing healing, inner calm and replenishment. By introducing the element of sound into the space we open up a new field of possibilities and a deeper awareness. The acoustic sounds works with your body on a vibrational and cellular level, encouraging a deeper more profound release from your physical and energetic body. The sound stimulates a clearing in your auric field allowing you to literally feel lighter whilst the overtones allow you to tune yourself back to your natural balance. The workshop will also include guided meditations, visualisations and poetry.You will leave the session feeling replenished and more in harmony with your own true inner nature, in a clearer, calmer and happier space. The perfect way to start the week.

Price: £30