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Breathe yourself Happy: a workshop with Lucy McCarthy

The way we breathe profoundly affects our quality of life. How we breathe can affect our stress levels, how well we sleep, depression and even our relationships. In this workshop we will delve into how to use the breath to heal and invigorate mentally, physically and emotionally. The practice will include breath-led asanas (poses) with special focus on working with the breath to cultivate deep states of calm and relaxation as well as increased vitality and mental clarity. Leading to profound breathing exercises (pranayamas) which will give an embodied experience of the power of our own breathe to heal from the inside out and an understanding of why it is called our Life Force (prana). Expect to take home breathing practices to help cope with emotional issues, learn how to use the breath more effectively in your yoga practice, and develop breathing exercises to release stress and pent up tensions. All levels welcome.

Price: £30