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Six-Week Beginners Course with Rosie Gold and Amanda Butterworth.

New to yoga or looking to feel more confident with your practice? Then you need Rosie Gold and Amanda Butterworth’s beginners course. It’s for anyone who can’t touch their toes, anyone scared of yoga, anyone who eats too much, drinks too much and pretends they run more than they do. Over six gentle hour-long sessions they build you a basic yoga practice at a comfortable, approachable pace. Introducing a new aspect of yoga each week they will demystify a practice which can be opaque and intimidating to the uninitiated, providing you with an understanding of the fundamental poses, breathing techniques and ways to relax your mind and body. The course will give you the confidence to join in any Level One or Dynamic class.

When: 6pm-7pm every Saturday Jan 26th-March 2nd 

Cost: £75 or £55 if booked with the Beginners Workshop

Booking: email