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An upside down look at intention setting and inversions. with Katrina Kurdy

Yoga Sutras 1.12-1.16 talk about practice and non-attachment. To maintain steadiness toward our highest life we must put consistent effort in our practices that take us there (1.13). I love this set of yoga sutras, and we’ll apply them to this new year workshop. We’ll use pranayama, asana and meditation to help us find greater clarity to set intentions that are meaningful and lasting for the New Year. We will also break down some difficult poses (looking at the family of upside down inversions such as handstand and headstand) so that we can shift our perspective in the way we work toward them. In the end we’ll circle back and have a fun ceremony to release our intentions into the world. This will be a strong workshop, but you don’t need to be able to do any of these inversions to attend.

Price: £30