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Tall or Tight - Yoga for Misfits with Bridget Luff

You don’t need to touch your toes or be a certain height or size to do yoga. This is a workshop for anyone (no matter your body shape or flexibility range) who would like to develop their practice but doesn't feel like they fit the 'mould' and doesn't find yoga that accessible.

Together we will explore what to look for in certain poses and different ways of modifying to make yoga right for you. All are welcome from newbies to folks recovering from injuries or more regular students who are feeling confused or frustrated with certain aspects of the practice. As a “tall and tight” person, someone who believed that she could never touch her toes or do a push-up let alone go upside-down, Bridget found some ways of working to open up and get stronger so that she can really enjoy  her yoga practice. Here she will share some of her discoveries, and help you find you find ways of practicing that feel good for your body. 

Price: £25