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Winter be Gong with Tracey Ellis and Leo Cosendai

Join Tracey and the King of vibrational sound Leo Cosendai for the Shanti-est Sunday to bring in the Spring on the first day of British Summer Time. Welcome in the new season with a blissful afternoon of meditation a gentle, breath centred flow and restorative yoga accompanied by Leos healing sound vibrations. The changing of any season can be challenging on our bodies. Tender care and rest is always a good idea to support the adjustments of our Circadian Rythym and our bodies as they begin to reawaken. These transitional phases between seasons offer us an opportunity for reflection, a brief pause to go inward and think about what seeds you will sow for the season ahead.  What and how would you like to grow this year? To accompany the inward nature of restorative practice, Leo will guide us on a vibrational sound journey, taking us deeper into our inner world and the vast space within. The body rested and supported will be ready to receive the healing of pure vibration and the deep nourishment of the breath. Together we will be carried into the Spring in harmony with our surroundings, and renewed like nature, ready to bloom.

Price: £20