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The Science of Sound

A 3-part sonic workshop course with Joseph Yanaku which aims to de-mystify the therapeutic use of sound whilst feeling it’s effects experientially.  

An introduction to the ancient science of sound therapy, giving us tools to thrive in a modern world.

21 Feb | 28 Feb | 1 Mar 7.45pm-9pm £45


Week 1: Mediation

We discover how sound can hold us in a circuit of attention, keeping us not in the past, not in the future, but focused in the present.  Through conscious listening we can learn the art of meditation. Focused in a state of non-resistance we co-operate with our own biology.

Week 2: Calming

Rhythm plays an important role in our lives as our internal systems automatically entrain to the dominant pace in each environment we inhabit or activity we partake in.  Utilising this natural process of entrainment we can bring about calm, self soothe and learn to relax.

Week 3: Grounding

We unearth why tuning into of the natural world has a grounding effect on us.  Exploring our own sonorous nature we witness our own geometry made audible, thus bringing us home to our elemental selves. Finding this resonance, we look to create a more harmonious existence.