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Growing space inside: How our roots must deepen first with Jessi Brown

In this workshop we will feel deeper into the possibilities that arise from slowing down. Gently moving into stillness. And allowing ourselves to be there, in a state of non-doing. To witness what can arise when we stop our persistent state of control. Acknowledging that this quieter part of a cycle is just as important as the ‘action’ ‘doing’ part of the cycle. That the ‘yin’ is the other half of the cycle to ‘yang’, that the ‘masculine’ energy is balanced by the ‘feminine’ energy. We truly flourish when we move gracefully & fluidly through the whole cycle. Through this integrative process we are naturally invited into harmony within ourselves & our relationship to the outside world, becoming nourished in a far longer lasting way. Where does listening deeper take us? What does truly allowing ourselves to be as we are feel like? We will begin to explore what power can arise from the ground up, the inside out. The quietness...the space.

Price: £25