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Move Easy, Move Strong: Mobility and Strength for a More Embodied Asana Practice with Ashley Handel

In this workshop we will look at how to find greater support, freedom, and awareness in our postural yoga practice by exploring a variety of mobility and strength exercises of the lower, middle, and upper body. We’ll begin with small and subtle movements, gradually moving through larger ranges of motion and different degrees of weight bearing to build strength, capacity and awareness. Using props for support we’ll work on how to make the poses sustainable, honouring our unique bodies and learning how to discern the right balance of effort and ease.  

By recognising the potential for creativity and choice in your physical practice, we hope to take that sense of creativity, agency and embodiment back out into the world. 

If you have any conditions or questions about whether or not this workshop is suitable for you, please let us know and we’ll advise.

Price: £25