Our workshops are the perfect way to de-stress, re-group and deepen your practice. To book a place at any of them please email us on yogaonthelane@gmail.com

Beginner workshop with Anna Taylor

Are you the least flexible person you know? Don’t know your asana from your elbow? This is the workshop for you. Anna will gently guide you through the basics of the practice: yoga asanas, breathing and meditation. Perfect for first timers who want a spring in their step this spring.

When: 3-6pm Saturday 26th April
Cost: £30

Pregnancy Workshop with Naomi Reynolds

Fresh from her intensive Doula training with Michael Odent and Liliana Lammers Naomi will go deep into the heart of our beings to wind down and prepare for new life ahead, setting positive intentions as we move through a meditative practice that will serve you whatever stage of your pregnancy, a chance to feel some gratitude at this special time.

The afternoon will begin with flowing yoga, breathing practices, meditation and some restorative yoga. There will be time at the end to enjoy some delicious cake and tea and meet one another. This is a great way to create a community with a common interest.

When: 3-5.30pm Sunday 27th April
Cost: £30

Yoga Therapeutics: a Workshop with Bo Forbes

After last year’s smash-hit workshop, Bo is back for a brief stint in London for a special mid-week workshop. Details to follow.

When: 2.30-5pm Wednesday 7th May
Cost: £30

A Journey through the Chakras with Liz Allan 

In this deeply restoring practice, we will work with the Chakra system, from Sahasrara to Muladhara, to balance and rejuvenate the energetic and physical body through classical Asanas and advanced Pranayama.   We will end with a long restorative Savasana and guided seated chakra meditation to uplift and calm the mind.   Rid the body and mind of stress and fatigue while opening yourself to the possibilities of the new. Accessible to beginners, with challenging options for advanced practitioners, including headstand.

When: 3-5.30pm Saturday 10th May
: £30

Pelvic Power for Core Integration: a Franklin Method Workshop with Rachael Hall

Our Pelvis is the incredibly important base for our Spine.  The pelvic floor acts as a support for our Inner organs. Many back, knee and foot problems can be relieved through finding a dynamic alignment of the pelvic bones and conscious training of the pelvic floor.

In this workshop you will: Gain an experiential understanding of the pelvic bones and joints, and explore their incredible design for providing stability and flexibility Discover where you hip joints REALLY are, free your lower back and move more efficiently. Learn ball, band and imagery exercises to train and balance the pelvic joints and muscles. Discover and apply the dynamic alignment of the sacrum and understand it’s importance in breathing and force absorption for a healthy spine and knees. Experience effortless alignment and balance for the whole body

When: 3-6pm Sunday 11th May
Cost: £30 or both Franklin workshops for £55

Positive Pregnancy Meditation Workshop with Florentina Lam

Cultivating a meditation practice during this amazing time of change, can help to prepare for labour and parenthood. The benefits of meditation can help you feel in control, to relax and enjoy a positive pregnancy. As we stop in stillness and pause in the present moment, all aspects of being are integrated, balanced and harmonized. In this workshop we will learn a simple meditation, use aromatherapy to soothe the mind and delight the senses, connect with baby in a guided visualisation, deepen the breath to release physical tension, link breath with positive affirmations to lift the spirits and take time to relax, enjoy and feel nourished and nurtured.

When: 2-5.30pm Sunday 18th May
Cost: £25


Pilates to strengthen your yoga flow with Eleah Waters

In this flowing two hour workshop you will learn how to ground and support the body in order to take your movement to the next level. Learn techniques to stabilise the shoulder girdle for seamless transitions. Find your ideal ankle, knee and hip alignment to stand with confidence and balance using the most efficient mechanics. Access the pelvic floor and abdominals and watch your body take flight.

When: 3-5.30pm Sat 24th May
Cost: £25 or both Pilates workshops for £40

Releasing Neck and Shouler Tension: a Workshop with Sarah Scharf

For most of us this is the area we carry stress and physical tension. This afternoon will be about letting it go, unburdening our shoulders from the weight of the world and letting our necks move freely. We start with creating some healthy heat in this congested area, getting familiar with the anatomy and structure along the way. We will look at some common Yoga postures that can be used to create balance, and ease tightness in the shoulders and neck when done intelligently. Deep stretches for the neck and jaw will invite freedom to this area, with some self-care massage tips to top it off. You will learn some simple stretches you could sneak in anywhere, and some basic principles of how to stay healthy at desks and seated situations. Expect to leave lighter.

When: 3-5.30pm Sat 31st May
Cost: £30

Activating your Inner Core: a Franklin Method Workshop with Rachael Hall

The Psoas as a True Core muscle hugs the lower back. Awareness and proper training of the psoas creates good spinal and pelvic alignment and liberates the lower back and hip joint.

In this workshop you will: Learn and embody the functions of the Psoas Minor, Major and iliacus muscles. Release your lower back and enjoy full flexibility in your hip joints and spine. Learn ball, band and imagery exercises to train and balance the Psoas Complex. Improve your ability to balance and become grounded physically and emotionally. Discover a newfound ease of movement in walking, running and sitting. Explore the link between the psoas, the diaphragm, the kidneys and the nervous system

When: 3-5.30pm Sunday 1st June
Cost: £30 or both Franklin workshops for £55

Find Freedom Two: From the Heart with Bridget Stacey Luff

Expand your practice and feel truly connected! In this workshop we will explore backbends and arm balances in an aligned way with a focus on the heart chakra – helping us connect more deeply in our practice and experience more inner and outer harmony. We will move through a sequence which creates space in the body to experience a sweet release, moving at a pace and level that feels right for you. The sequence will include vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and meditation.

This is part of Bridget’s Finding Freedom series. Each workshop is £30. Or you can buy two for £55, or all three for £75. Suitable for all but complete beginners.

When: 3-5.30pm Saturday 7th June
Cost: £30

Pilates for Runners and Cyclists with Eleah Waters

Do you have tight hips, slumped shoulders and under active glutes? This workshop is all about relieving the tightness that is often incurred from these two sports and giving you an at-home pre and post run/cycle routine to fire up the muscles that you need to train but often underuse.  Undo tension and flow through this challenging work out leaving you more aware of efficient biomechanics, not to mention a good sweat on your brow.

When: 3-5.30pm Saturday 14th June
Cost: £25 or £40 for both Pilates Workshops


 Find Freedom Three: Upside Down with Bridget Stacey Luff

When we start to challenge our selves going upside down we find immense clarity and harmony of the body, mind and spirit. In this workshop we will safely explore different ways of approaching and holding various inversions, from bridge to headstand, working systematically yet organically to find our balance, face our fears and rejig our system whilst going upside down! Ideal for those wanting to advance their practice.

This is part of Bridget’s Finding Freedom series. Each workshop is £30. Or you can buy two for £55, or all three for £75. Suitable for all but complete beginners.

When: 3-5.30pm Saturday 12th July
Cost: £30

Session 1 – An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Applied to Yoga with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Structure and function of muscles, bones and connective tissue (particularly fascia)

Stretch reflexes related to yoga

An introduction to anatomical language

When: Saturday July 26th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £200 for the whole course

Session 2 – Lower Limb Anatomy with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the anatomy of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and pelvis

When: Saturday August 30th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £200 for the whole course

Session 3 – Upper Limb Anatomy with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, elbow, wrist and hand

When: Saturday Sept 27th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £200 for the whole course

Session 4 – Spinal Anatomy with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the sacrum, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, abdomen and chest

When: Saturday Oct 25th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £200 for the whole course

Session 5 – Physiology: The Science Behind Why Yoga is So Good for Us! with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems

When: Saturday Nov 29th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £200 for the whole course