Our workshops are the perfect way to de-stress, re-group and deepen your practice. To book a place at any of them please email us on yogaonthelane@gmail.com

Spinal Anatomy with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the sacrum, lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical spine, abdomen and chest

When: Saturday Oct 25th 3-7pm
Cost: £50 per workshop or £100 for all three

Winter Vitality: Boost Your Immune System with Anna Taylor

The immune system is our body’s in-built defence system against illness and disease. Despite its huge importance to our wellbeing, many of us are unaware of how our immune system works or how our lifestyle can either optimise or deplete it. As we move into the darker, winter months – with cold and flu season fast upon us – it becomes increasingly important to keep our immune systems boosted in order to maintain our sense of vitality. This workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of how our immune system works, as well as specific yoga practices to optimise its function. Given the powerful interplay between our mind and body, we will explore a range of tools – both in movement and in stillness – that maximise our wellbeing for a happy, healthy winter ahead. Open to all levels.

When: Saturday Nov 8th 3-6pm

Awakening Energy – A Journey Through the Chakras with Joanne King

A workshop to awaken your full energetic potential. Come and experience what yoga postures correspond to the energy centres in the body and help us to realign and rebalance.  If you fancy learning more about the chakras, clearing some blockages or simply feeling good this ones for you!

When: Saturday Nov 15th 3-5.30pm

Warm up, chill out: a vinyasa yoga, pranayama & restoratives workshop with Aj Lewin

Embrace the colder weather with this delicious and warming yoga workshop. We will gently heat the body with fluid vinyasa sequences, before diving deeply into long-held openings. Your well-earned wind-down will include restorative poses, pranayama practices and a supremely relaxing candlelit savasana. Stay for tea before wrapping up well and heading out into the November air. Open to all, including adventurous beginners.

When: Sunday Nov 23rd 3-5.30pm

The Science Behind Why Yoga is So Good for Us! with Dr Andrew McGonigle

Detailed exploration of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems

When: Saturday Nov 29th 3-7pm
£50 per workshop or £100 for all three