Our workshops are the perfect way to de-stress, re-group and deepen your practice. To book a place at any of them please email us on yogaonthelane@gmail.com

Breathe Easy with Isaac Mullins

Whether it be restlessness, grief, or anger, the breath is always there to help as move into difficult emotions that may otherwise remain locked in our physiology. A yoga asana practice without correct breath and breath awareness is only half a yoga asana practice. In this workshop we will gently investigate our natural breath and explore the transition from pure observation to the cultivation of a slower balanced inhale and exhale, which we will then apply to the practice of posture in order to draw the maximum benefits from our practice.

When: Saturday 28th of May 3-5.30pm
Cost: £25

Get Up And Flow – a workshop with Elisa de Grey

We will explore the idea of ‘flow’, embodying it both on and off the mat. The game is finding that tipping point when thinking and trying falls away and what is left is simple movement in its purest form. I hope at the end of this workshop you will walk away with a deeper sense of contentment about the body you inhabit.
When: Saturday 11th of June 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Restorative Yoga & Meditation workshop with Clive Fogelman

This workshop will provide an ideal opportunity to relax and reduce tension in the body by combining restorative yoga with a range of meditation techniques. Regular meditation improves focus and concentration in work and daily activities. In this workshop we will explore a range of meditation techniques which you can practice anywhere, at any time of the day and can be adapted to how much time you have available. This will include a variety of breathing techniques, guided visualisations and specific meditation practices.In restorative yoga, postures are passively held with the assistance of props for several minutes to encourage the body to open up and unwind. Once the body is supported, we are able to take the gaze inwards and become more aware of habitual tensions created in our bodies and minds. Restorative yoga with its yin focus cultivates the practice of acceptance and letting go. It is an effortless and gentle practice harnessing healing, inner calm and replenishment. The class will end with a yoga nidra – “yogi sleep”, a deep state of conscious relaxation, leaving you restored and revitalised. The workshop is open to everyone.

When: Sunday 12th of June 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Develop your Self Practice – a workshop with Naomi Annand
Naomi will start the workshop with a simple flowing class – the basis of your self practice. From this we will work as a group to develop our own self practices exploring different ways this sequence can be adapted depending on your mood making it either grounding, uplifting or the flow that precedes a restorative practice. Bring questions and a pen and paper!
When: Saturday 18th of June 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Embracing Quiet – a Yin Yoga workshop with Anna Taylor

Eastern traditions recognise that wellbeing comes from balancing the opposing energies of yin (calm / cooling) & yang (energetic / fiery). Modern, city culture which often promotes striving and achieving over resting and reflecting, can make this balance hard to achieve. This workshop we will redress the balance through the beautiful practice of Yin Yoga. In this floor-based practice poses are held for several minutes, allowing muscles & connective tissues to gradually release. This process of letting go, both mentally & physically, allows us to embrace stillness & quiet and surrender into the experience as it is.

When: Saturday 25th of June 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Moving Energy, Shifting Perspective: a workshop with Gemma Soul

We are pure energetic beings, living in an energetic world. How we use our energy, physically, mentally & emotionally affects our perception of ourselves. We have all had times when we feel stagnant or in a rut, or when we feel fidgety and unable to stick to a task. This workshop calls to all those who need a shift. We will draw deep into our vinyasa practice, moving specifically to draw into space to grow, a deeper space of enquiry to enable expansiveness and a fresh perspective for whatever our journey next holds.

When: Saturday 9th of July 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Body, Breath, Bike: A Yoga Workshop for Cyclists with Nikita Akilapa

No matter what kind of cyclist you are – commuter, family cargo-biker, road racer, street-trials rider – you all have one thing in common: you deserve the best cycling experience possible. Yoga can really help to relieve the physical niggles that come with cycling – from tight hamstrings, calves and thighs, to lower back and shoulder pain. As well as increasing strength, stamina and flexibility, yoga can also improve balance, physical control, reflexes, mental calm, mind-focus and spatial awareness…all of which are essential for safe and comfortable cycling in the city. In this 2.5 hour workshop, we will look at the anatomy of a cyclist, exploring ways to relieve and prevent cycling related discomforts and injuries. Participants will learn tips and tricks for improving their cycling experience – including: Yoga postures and mini-sequences specifically targeting hot-spots for tension and injury, warm-up and warm-down flows, breath work for a calm mind and energised body, ideal posture and alignment (both on and off the bike), and basic bike-fit methods. All levels welcome.

When: Sunday 31st of July 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30