Our workshops are the perfect way to de-stress, re-group and deepen your practice. To book a place at any of them please email us on yogaonthelane@gmail.com

Managing Stress and Fatigue through Yoga – a Therapeutic Practice of Self Care with Naomi Reynolds

This workshop will focus on ways that we can incorporate mindfulness techniques and therapeutic yoga into everyday life. Focusing on stress-relief and being in the moment, the workshop will look at how the physical practice of Asana can be the foundation for a new kind of self-relationship. Students attending the workshop will be given a detailed hand out from which they can develop a self-practice at home. Naomi has been teaching for 14 years and through that time has used yoga to help through illness, grief and stress. Come and join her to workshop your way into wellness.

When: Saturday 5th of September 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Yoga for Beginners with Anna Taylor

Are you new to yoga, or keen to begin but feel nervous as a beginner? Would you find it helpful to explore the foundations of the practice in a little more detail? Then this is the workshop for you! We will gently explore how to mindfully meet ourselves on the mat with kind, open, awareness; breathing techniques that help in our practice and beyond; the foundations of safe alignment for healthy, happy joints; modifications that enable us to celebrate our bodies’ differences; and finally we will nourish ourselves with a lovely, deep relaxation.

When: Saturday 19th of September 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30

Make the Next Step: Arm Balances with Gemma Soul

Ever been in class when the yogi next you just effortlessly floats into an arm balance and wondered how you’d even start? This fun workshop will guide you through a vinyasa sequence specifically designed to get you into those postures.  At each step we will break them down, turn them round, prop them up to enable us to fly.  Expect a new sense of lightless that enables you to float, fly and rock out some of those ‘next step’ level poses. This workshop is suitable for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of arm balancing, but complete beginners or those with child.

When: Saturday 26th of September 3-5pm
Cost: £25

A Winter Warmer to Help Combat Lethargy with Naomi Reynolds

Get ready to ignite your inner fire through breath and movement. This strong workshop will use flowing but mindful asana to create heat in our bodies energy centres – perfect to prepare for the winter ahead. Two hours of flowing yoga will be followed by 30 minutes of meditation, a long restorative savasana and then tea and cake!

When: Saturday 10th of October 3-5.45pm
Cost: £30

Yoga for Anxiety with Elisa de Grey

Spend an afternoon in a safe environment with a group that understands the debilitating effects of on-going anxiety. The practice itself will combine tailored physical asana (yoga poses) which can help quieten an agitated mind, pranayama (breathing exercises), and guided relaxation.  Whilst bringing you momentary relief, the session will also equip you with some tools to take away and use in good times and in bad.

When: Saturday 17th of October 3-5.30pm
Cost: £30