Level One

These hour-long classes are designed for everyone from absolute beginners to yoga teachers. They start with a gentle series of sequences focusing on technique that builds into a dynamic flow, before moving on to restful and restorative yoga. Designed to soothe the nervous system and quiet the mind.

Dynamic Yoga

Using ever-changing sequences of poses our dynamic classes are the perfect way to extend and deepen your yoga practice. Flowing and strong but always mindful and breath-led they take you through a rounded sequence before closing with deep relaxation. These mixed level classes are open to all.


Level Two/Three

The ideal sessions for those keen to take their yoga practice to the next level. Incorporating complex asanas, in-depth pranayama and peak postures, these are intelligently crafted, flowing sequences that focus on alignment and breath and are designed for those with six months of yoga experience.


Community Class

Our Wednesday morning community class is an open-access session for the whole neighbourhood: established students and total yoga beginners, the young and the old, the supple and the not so supple. Suggested donation: £6


Flow and Restore

This class is a blend of dynamic and restorative postures that starts with an active flow to heat and move your body  and closes with a long period of stillness and deep relaxation. The flow can be strong or gentle with options for all levels of practitioners, even those working with injuries.

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Slow Flow

An hour-long practice at a gentle pace, our Slow Flow classes are calming, meditative sessions which help to release tension and promote wellbeing. There is an emphasis on balance creating a deep connection between breath and movement. Pregnant women are very welcome.



Whether you’re an experienced yogi or you’ve never set foot on a mat, our pregnancy classes are the perfect preparation for labour. The sessions are a soothing flowing sequence of moving yoga and are a great way of meeting other local mums. Click here for more details.

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Parent and Baby

Our parent and baby sessions are very much focused on the parent allowing you to flow while your pre-crawling baby gurgles at the top of the mat. The classes are the perfect continuation from our pregnancy sessions and are a wonderful way in to the local parent community.


Pilates is a holistic movement system designed to support and strengthen the body. It aims to help promote awareness of breathing through fluid coordination of the whole body and precise and detailed alignment. Suitable for all regardless of experience in yoga or Pilates.


Sound Bath

The perfect way for you to relax and unwind in preparation for your week ahead. Sound Therapist Joseph Yanaku will lead the session, playing a mixture of Himalayan and crystal bowls, gongs, and therapuatic percussion instruments. Not suitable for women in their first trimester. Click here for more details.